The Best CBD Muscle Balm Stick

The best cbd muscle balm stick soothes and calms aches and pains with the help of cooling ingredients. Coconut and hemp seed oil hydrate and nurture skin while menthol creates a cool sensation to relieve pain. 1500mg of CBD, arnica and vitamin E reduce inflammation and soothe achy muscles. Whether you are working at home or a gym-goer, a small jar of this balm can be kept on your desk for instant relief of scrunched up shoulders and back tension.

Why Do I Need a cbd Muscle Balm?

Rubbed into sore and tense muscles, CBD can alleviate post-exercise discomfort by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). These are a network of receptors found in various organs and glands but are particularly abundant in muscles. The ECS acts as a sort of pit crew to keep your muscles functioning optimally, and when CBD interacts with it, it can reduce the inflammation that leads to soreness after an intense workout.

CBD muscle rubs are particularly useful for athletes and those who suffer from chronic pain, as they can ease achy joints and muscles. The balancing ingredients in these topical products can also help soothe inflammation and improve mobility, and they may even aid in the repair of damaged muscle fibres.

Look out for CBD muscle rubs that have been independently lab-tested to guarantee quality and purity. They should be free of any nasties, including synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, and coloring. It is also important to find a product that is vegetarian-friendly and vegan, as well as being made from sustainably harvested ingredients.

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