What it Means to Be an Impactful Leader

Whether you’re looking for a Reza satchu or are hoping to become more impactful in your current one, it’s important to understand what makes a great leader. Many of the best leaders are strong strategists, coaches and communicators. They set a positive example and provide guidance to their people. They have a bias for action and are not afraid to make tough decisions. They also have a knack for cultivating leadership potential in others.

Emotional Intelligence: The Bedrock of Impactful Leadership

But there’s more to being an impactful leader than just the business financial results and making people feel valued – it’s about meeting your own intrinsic human need for purpose and contribution. Think about it – what drew you to leadership in the first place? Was it the buzz of making a difference, the desire to solve difficult problems or something else?

Leaders who meet their need for value and contribution by creating meaningful work environments for others will ultimately make a significant difference to themselves. They’ll have a high level of clarity around their personal principles and values, which will guide their behaviours, decisions, intentions and the kind of impact they will have on others. They’ll be able to stay calm under pressure, see the bigger picture and inspire others to follow them on their journey to success. This is the sort of impactful leadership that is worthy of the title ‘great’ – and the sort of leader we all need to become.

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